Gus The Golf Ball™ – A New Golf Joke Every Day

Funny Golf JokeDon’t go golfing without having a good joke, or two, under your belt. It’s just as important as being able to hit it past the ladies tee, and knowing not to walk in someone’s putting path.

Gus to the rescue! Gus tells a different golf joke on his Facebook page (this site too) every day. Feel free to borrow them to dazzle your golf partners with witty one-liners, or be a genuine pain in the ass, and use them to play mind games with your competition. Your choice!

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Gus is part of a growing ensemble of golf ball characters by Dave Thompson. Each one of them has a home inside all golfers, and take turn emerging – usually at the worst possible time. Gonzo was recently introduced as Gus’ evil cousin, who wears an army helmet and is plotting to take over the world. Needless to say, Gonzo represents the dark side of the game that haunts all of us at one time or another. Ace wears a leather flight helmet from World War II. He thinks the game is all about power and distance. “Screw finesse and technique!” Billy Ball’s constant companion is the beer can in his hand. He advises golfers on the proper administration of alcohol when golfing. “Plan A is to golf good. And if that doesn’t seem to pan out, go to Plan B – get drunk!” Or “Beer doesn’t help you golf better, but it helps you care less… so it’s a wash!”

Between the four of them, there’s always something to laugh about. Follow the gang on a daily basis. We appreciate your support, and occasionally give away some cool products and prizes as our way of saying “Thank you!”

By David Thompson