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Funny Golf Cartoons Of Gus The Golf Ball

You may already follow Gus The Golf Ball™ on Facebook, but there is a lot more to this wise-cracking cartoon golf ball than meets the eye.

Gus The Golf Ball™ is the brainchild of a Lee’s Summit, Missouri, cartoonist, Dave Thompson. After being hired by Mars Candy to work with the M&M characters, Thompson developed a fascination for cartoon characters, and how they could be used as a powerful marketing tool. In 2003, under the Toons4Biz® brand name, he developed a large line of brand mascots for small companies to use to promote their business. Today, you can see more than 14,000 of Dave’s brand mascot and school mascot clipart images at Toons4Biz.com.

In 2012, Dave chose to pour his energies into a Golf ball character because of his love (and hate) for the game. Wanting to do more than just create the illustrations, Thompson wanted to bring the character to life – give it a personality, a sense of humor. It took well over a year of work but eventually, Gus had a library of more than 500 jokes and one-liners. Some are old classics, but many are the inspiration of Dave’s latest exploits on the golf course. Thompson elaborated, “Every time I’m swinging the clubs, I look for ideas. Last time I went out, I was even par after six holes, then took a double bogey. Trying to regain my composure, I thought of what a ‘good’ golfer would do, and it occurred to me that they have a calm demeanor. Realizing ‘demeanor’ was a word with potential, I came up with ‘I have a golfer’s demeanor – the worse I play, da meaner I get!’”

Today, Gus makes daily appearances on his Facebook page, and his Web site, to share a new joke with his golf pals.

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By David Thompson